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  • Daniel Oates

We joined the Independent Natural Foods Retailers Association

This is great news!

It is hard for small businesses to offer prices on par with big grocers and their massive buying power. Our partnership with INFRA is helping us to change that, and offer greater value to our customers.

Why do people affiliate with INFRA? The, "Benefits" page of their website says that,

"INFRA is one of the industry’s largest key accounts. As an affiliate you are able to maintain independence while operating as a group to influence supply chain, distribution direction, and product standards.

INFRA provides a wide range of benefits for Associate Retailers and Member owners. All programs and services are designed to improve retailer operations through best practices, lowering costs, and by providing programs with direct store impact. Member owners experience a substantial return on investment through INFRA’s purchasing programs. INFRA affiliates also benefit from a strong peer network to draw upon through INFRA’s communication platform as well as regional and national in-person events."


This means that when you shop at Harvest Market you are saving more money, while shopping locally and ensuring greater access to the foods you love.

This week we are marking our sale or reduced priced items with an orange blaze. Come in and see how we are improving our offerings for you!